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Overall Dimensions: 22 ½”H x 55 ½”L x 28”W
Grate Dimensions: 22” x 40”
Flat Grate Dimensions: 22” x 41”, Mesh 1 ½” x 13” S.S. Expanded Metal
Net Weight: 160 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 200 lbs.
Metal Thickness: 13 Gauge

Standard Features:
Stainless Grates
Bottom Tray, 13 Gauge
Charcoal Insert, 13 Gauge
4 Sides & Pins
Standard Options:
Vinyl Cover
Charcoal Insert, 13 Gauge
Stainless Steel Flat Grate

Custom Options:
Lid, 13 Gauge

Recommended with the BBQ 42:
Approximately 25-30 lbs. of charcoal will cook 40 lbs. of chicken for the first rack. If you wish to continue to a second rack, add approximately 10-15 lbs. of charcoal. For other cuts of meat, grilling, smoking etc. put in your desired amount.

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